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Literary Organizations

Research and edited by Mian Muhammad Saeed, for citations special thanks to the copyrights owners

Academy of American Poets

Country: United States of America - New york

Head of Org: Eunice J. Panetta

Citations: www.poets.org

Phone:+1 212 274 0343

Academy of The Punjab in North America

Country: USA

Citations: www.apnaorg.com

Adab Saraae

Country: Pakistan - Lahore (Punjab)

Head of Org: Chairperson - Shahnaz Muzammil

Email: drshahnazmuzammil@hotmail.com

Citations: www.shahnazmuzammil.com

Phone:+92 42 3583 2335

Ahmad Faraz Trust

Country: Pakistan - Islamabad

Founded by: Shibli Faraz & Saadi Faraz

Email: info@ahmadfaraztrust.org

Citations: www.ahmadfaraztrust.org

Phone:+92 51 261 1088

All India Christian Urdu Writers Association

Country: India - New Delhi

Founded by: Dr. Sam Bhajjan on october ,22 ,1967

Citations: www.indiagateway.net/AICUWA/

American Academy of Arts and Letters

Country: United States of America - New York

Email: academy@artsandletters.org


American Library Association

Country: United States of America - Chicago

Founded by: Justin Winsor on October 6, 1876

Head of Org: Barbara Stripling

Citations: www.ala.org

Phone:+1 800 545 2433

American Society of Journalists and Authors

Country: United States of America - New York

Founded by: Founded in 1948

Head of Org: Randy Dotinga


Anjuman e Tarraqui e Khowar

Country: Pakistan - Chitral (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)

Founded by: Hissamul Mulk in 1965

Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu (Hind)

Country: India - New Delhi

Citations: www.anjumantaraqqiurduhind.org

Phone:+91 11 2323 7210

Bazm e Akram

Country: Pakistan - Karachi (Sindh)

Founded by: Muhammad Adil Usmani

Bazm e Iqbal

Country: Pakistan - Lahore (Punjab)

Bibliothèque nationale de France

Country: France - Paris

Citations: www.bnf.fr

Christian Urdu Writers and Poets

Country: Pakistan - Lahore (Punjab)

Citations: www.cuwap.blogspot.com

Phone:+92 322 462 1546

Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy

Country: India - Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh)

Founded by: Maulana Hamiduddin Farahi

Citations: www.shibliacademy.org

Phone:+91 54622 65017

Dost foundation Shujabad

Country: Pakistan - shujabad (Punjab)

Head of Org: Akbar Bukhari

Phone:+92 301 756 0073

Encyclopaedia Britannica

Citations: www.britannica.com

Faiz Foundation Trust

Country: Pakistan - Lahore (Punjab)

Founded by: Salima Hashmi ,Chairperson

Citations: www.faizghar.net

Phone:+92 21 3583 5289

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